Hello, Alex Otoo here.

I am a web developer

I am driven by the passion to learn and the humble power web developers possess in making the internet and web experience an enjoyable one.

Featured Projects


NEXT JS | Chakra UI | JavaScript | GreenSock

Crypto businesses are all over the place. This website is a responsive website to demonstrate how a modern crypto business website should feel like.

Recipe Search App

Edamam API | NEXT JS | JavaScript |

A beautiful food recipe search website (SPA) built using a popular food API called Edamam. Visit the demo and search for your favourite food recipe

Job Hunt Records App

Next.js | Express.js | REST API | Mongo DB | Node.js | JavaScript | Chakra UI

A Full Stack web app with API hosted on Heroku and Front-End hosted on Vercel. A Full stack job hunt application tracker to help job seekers keep track of the status of their job applications.

Gym Website

SASS/CSS | HTML | JavaScript |

Going to the gym should be exciting. That’s what this responsive gym website is all about. Highly responsive gym website to get you love going to gym.

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About Me


I am Alex

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Over the years, I have continuously been honing my web development skills. Currently, I work with an array of skill set namely CSS, html, React js, JavaScript, Git, Node js, Next js, REST API development, data persistent CRUD applications and more. As a self-taught web developer, I believe what makes one a good or successful web developer is good knowledge of your programming language, the ability to understand documentations, effectively use google search and most importantly the attitude of persistence.

Currently, I am available for freelancing or a suitable web development position with opportunities for continuous learning.

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